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    Pacific Northwest Regional Baseball is proud to provide opportunities to the top players in the Pacific Northwest.  PNW Regional Baseball includes players from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, British Columbia, Alaska, Hawaii, and Montana.  We currently offer two different opportunities for the top prospects in our area: The Pac NW Regional Games and National Events.  Both opportunities are geared toward putting the best talent on the field in front of college coaches and professional scouts.

    In our short existence we have built a very strong reputation for having the best talent in the Northwest involved with our programs.  The feedback from colleges and scouts has been very positive and we are very excited to watch the opportunities for baseball players in the PNW continually grow.

    2016 Perfect Game Team Rankings

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    2016 PAC NW Regional Games

    The first round of invites for the 2nd Annual PAC NW Regional Games has been sent out.  Each grad class will be limited to six teams and will consist of the top players from that class.  This event is invite only and will be highly scouted by both colleges and professional organizations.  To view the list of colleges in attendance and more details regarding this event you can visit the event page.

    Class of 2018

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    Class of 2020/2021

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    PAC NW Games

    Invite Only Showcase for Top Prospects in the PNW

    National Events

    PNW Regional Teams

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    For Players Interested in Playing with PNW Regional Baseball

    Rhett Parker


    Phone: 253-292-0319

    Arlo Evasick

    Director of Operations | Washington, BC, Idaho Scout

    Phone: 360-316-9439