September 19-20th Rosters and Schedules

Please arrive 1 hour prior to scheduled game time. Metal spikes are allowed. All games are wood or baum bats. We will let everyone know when they are throwing. If you are a pitcher only you will likely throw Saturday. If you are a 2-way or only available on Sunday you will likely throw on Sunday.  All players must wear masks when they are not participating. No parents are allowed inside of Olympic Stadium. Players will wear white pants and their own choice of a hat. We will provide black jerseys for those of you who have not yet received on.

Team Players Saturday Sunday
1 Kaden Wu 10:00/12:30pm 3:00/5:30pm
1 Cade Slayton 10:00/12:30pm 3:00/5:30pm
1 Gabe Villaflor 10:00/12:30pm 3:00/5:30pm
1 Hunter Hillyard 10:00/12:30pm 3:00/5:30pm
1 Cole Cramer 10:00/12:30pm 3:00/5:30pm
1 Dawson Santana 10:00/12:30pm 3:00/5:30pm
1 Tyler Peterson 10:00/12:30pm 3:00/5:30pm
1 Aiden Herrick 10:00/12:30pm 3:00/5:30pm
1 Rylen Bayne 10:00/12:30pm 3:00/5:30pm
1 Spencer Kaczmarski 10:00/12:30pm 3:00/5:30pm
1 Kyle Fossum 10:00/12:30pm 3:00/5:30pm
1 Trent Miller 10:00/12:30pm 3:00/5:30pm
1 James Boone 10:00/12:30pm 3:00/5:30pm
1 Brody McMullen 10:00/12:30pm 3:00/5:30pm
1 Kolby Solomon 10:00/12:30pm 3:00/5:30pm
2 Danny Alvarado 10:00/12:30pm 10:00/12:30pm
2 Alec Highland 10:00/12:30pm 10:00/12:30pm
2 Jacob Dodge 10:00/12:30pm 10:00/12:30pm
2 Jaxon Henderson 10:00/12:30pm 10:00/12:30pm
2 Mason Guerra 10:00/12:30pm 10:00/12:30pm
2 Vinny Salvione 10:00/12:30pm 10:00/12:30pm
2 Remy Heckman 10:00/12:30pm 10:00/12:30pm
2 Malcom Williams 10:00/12:30pm 10:00/12:30pm
2 Isaac Hoag 10:00/12:30pm 10:00/12:30pm
2 Blaise Heher 10:00/12:30pm 10:00/12:30pm
2 Elias Holbert 10:00/12:30pm 10:00/12:30pm
2 Tyson Willis 10:00/12:30pm 10:00/12:30pm
2 Walter Whitman 10:00/12:30pm 10:00/12:30pm
2 Asher DeLeo 10:00/12:30pm 10:00/12:30pm
2 Cam Clayton 10:00/12:30pm 10:00/12:30pm
3 Ryan Fowler 3:00/5:30pm 10:00/12:30pm
3 Jack Johnson 3:00/5:30pm 10:00/12:30pm
3 Brad Johnson 3:00/5:30pm 10:00/12:30pm
3 Andrew Busche 3:00/5:30pm 10:00/12:30pm
3 Hayden Dearie 3:00/5:30pm 10:00/12:30pm
3 Oliver Brown 3:00/5:30pm 10:00/12:30pm
3 Zach Ediger 3:00/5:30pm 10:00/12:30pm
3 Bricen Ostergaard 3:00/5:30pm 10:00/12:30pm
3 Noah Meffert 3:00/5:30pm 10:00/12:30pm
3 Carson Doi 3:00/5:30pm 10:00/12:30pm
3 Sam Hawk 3:00/5:30pm 10:00/12:30pm
3 Chris Wagner 3:00/5:30pm 10:00/12:30pm
3 Brett Kamrath 3:00/5:30pm 10:00/12:30pm
3 Edgar Nakamura 3:00/5:30pm 10:00/12:30pm
3 Matthew Korth 3:00/5:30pm 10:00/12:30pm
3 Luke Vrable 3:00/5:30pm 10:00/12:30pm
4 Jack Rhea 3:00/5:30pm 3:00/5:30pm
4 Joe Githens 3:00/5:30pm 3:00/5:30pm
4 Alex Overbay 3:00/5:30pm 3:00/5:30pm
4 Jordan Head 3:00/5:30pm 3:00/5:30pm
4 Ryan Contreras 3:00/5:30pm 3:00/5:30pm
4 Conner Bourbon 3:00/5:30pm 3:00/5:30pm
4 Cooper Shultz 3:00/5:30pm 3:00/5:30pm
4 Dawson Davis 3:00/5:30pm 3:00/5:30pm
4 Joshua Flaugher 3:00/5:30pm 3:00/5:30pm
4 Ryan Pelton 3:00/5:30pm 3:00/5:30pm
4 Kyle Henington 3:00/5:30pm 3:00/5:30pm
4 Jaidon Matthews 3:00/5:30pm 3:00/5:30pm
4 Caden Herbst 3:00/5:30pm 3:00/5:30pm
4 Rafton Monica 3:00/5:30pm 3:00/5:30pm
4 Chandler Lindstrom 3:00/5:30pm 3:00/5:30pm
4 Harris Smajic 3:00/5:30pm 3:00/5:30pm