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Rhett Parker


Arlo Evasick

Director of Operations

Inquiries PAC NW Games

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Who is PAC Northwest Regional Baseball


Pacific Northwest Regional Baseball was founded in 2015 by Rhett Parker. It has always been our goal to provide the best players in each class with the opportunity to compete with and against each other on the largest platforms both within our region and nationally.  PAC Northwest Baseball is made up of three branches: PAC NW Regional Games, PAC NW Fall Scout Teams, and PNW National Teams. 

The PAC NW Regional Games are designed for the very best prospects who are going into their freshmen to senior years of high school. Each class only accepts between 100-120 players from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, Colorado, Nevada, Hawaii, Canada, Utah, and Arizona. Most participants are from WA and OR with additional players from surrounding areas. Players at this event are physically ready to be recruited by division I schools or have a huge upside with lots of projection.

We have a 10 year history of players trusting us as evaluators, advisors, and advocates for their baseball careers. Our Senior Scout Teams are comprised of the top uncommitted seniors who we believe fall into a fringe category between being a high end junior college player and a late bloomer or undiscovered player with the potential to be a division 1 athlete. We use the fall as an opportunity to play 32 innings of junior college baseball over 8 weekends in order for our staff to evaluate each player and the successes or shortcomings they have at the junior college level.  We also have an underclass scout team with the top juniors in the Pacific Northwest that play a mix of colleges and fall teams in front of division I and professional scouts. 

Our PNW National Teams are comprised of the top talent in the region and compete in various Perfect Game Events. Traditionally we attend the PG Fall Championships and the MLK Championships in January. These are great opportunities to compete with the best talent in our area against the best talent from different parts of the country. 

If you are interested in getting involved with PAC NW Regional Baseball, we recommend filling out a prospect form below and sending us videos with stats on our social medias as a way for us to notice you. 

9th Annual Pac NW Regional Games


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