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PAC NW Games

July 15 - 17th | Puyallup, Wa

NW Elite Experience Trips

11u, 12u & 13u Aberdeen, MD | August TBD

13u & 14u Nashville, TN | July 18 - 23rd

16u & 18u Minneapolis, MN | August TBD

PAC NW Fall Ball

Fall Scout League

Fall Senior Scout Team

15-18u Fall ID Teams

PAC ID Camps

PNW Games

PAC NW Fall Scout League & Fall Senior Scout Team

NW Elite Experience Trips

Who is Northwest Regional Baseball


Welcome to Northwest Regional Baseball, where passion meets purpose on the diamond. Established in 2011 by Rhett Parker, our journey began with a vision: to create transformative experiences for baseball players both on and off the field.

Initially, our focus centered on the Northwest Elite Experience Trips and the Fall Senior Scout Team. These ventures were more than just baseball games; they were opportunities for players to develop vital skills, not only in their sport but in life. We forged teams from diverse programs, challenging players to trust one another and adapt swiftly, fostering new relationships and enduring bonds. These skills, essential for success, extend far beyond the playing field, shaping individuals for a lifetime.

Our commitment to excellence led us to introduce the PAC NW Regional Games in 2016. This event provided a platform for high school players to showcase their talent before 50+ college coaches and pro scouts, uniting the top players from the Pacific Northwest Region in fierce competition. We became more than a source of opportunities; we became a bridge between talent and recognition.

At Northwest Regional Baseball, we understand that talent alone is not enough. We take pride in curating experiences that enrich players, refining their skills and character. We don’t just create opportunities; we craft moments that propel careers. Join us in the pursuit of excellence, where every game is a chance to transform, and every player is a story waiting to be written.

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Rhett Parker


Arlo Evasick

Director of Operations

Inquiries PAC NW Games

Email us if you are interested in participating in the PAC NW Regional Games